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Quality Control

Supporting High Quality
A Penetratingly Thorough Check System for Quality Control

To consistently supply high-quality products with the properties specified by customers, Morita Chemical Industries operates a corporate computer system for central management of quality assurance from acceptance of raw materials to product shipment.

Acquisition of ISO9001 Certification for Quality Management System

To ensure that our quality management meets international standards, for each production site, Morita Chemical Industries has acquired ISO 9000 series certification. As befits a global company, we have a management system that enables all of our customers in Japan and overseas to use our products with confidence.

ISO9000 series

Morita Chemical Industries Co.,Ltd.

  • JCQA-0085
  • ISO9001

Registration for Review of Environmental System Standards: Acquisition of ISO 14001

While promoting the reduction of harmful chemical emissions into the environment, Morita Chemical was certified with the ISO 14001 in January, 2003.

ISO14000 series

Morita Chemical Industries Co.,Ltd.

  • JCQA-E-0444
  • ISO14001

The Advanced Analysis Equipment
Supports High Quality Products

We continue to supply highly pure, superior quality products to makers of electronic devices and optical lenses.
This is made possible by the use of advanced analytical instruments, the application of appropriate analytical methods, and hard-won know-how.
Installed in a clean room, our ICP–MS (inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer) can simultaneously measure plural ultra-trace impurities in products. Other rigorous quality assurance is carried out, for example, by accurately analyzing trace impurities with IC (ion chromatography) and ICP-AES (inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy), and by analyzing the composition and structure of solids using XRF (X-ray fluorescence) and XRD (X-ray diffraction).
Measurement data are immediately utilized for responsive quality improvement and the stable production of consistently high-quality products.
Moreover, we provide our analytical capabilities and expertise to other companies who require precise and accurate product analysis.

Production bases to meet diverse demands