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What is fluorine?

Fluorine is an element. In its pure form, it is difficult to handle because it is highly reactive, strong enough to corrode even glass and stainless steel. Able to react with almost all the other elements, however, fluorine can form useful compounds that are highly stable and enduringly resistant to change.

Aiming for Future Standard for fluorine compounds

Morita Chemical Industries was the first company to produce fluorine in Japan. As pioneers, we have worked with fluorine compounds for a century and we have accumulated knowhow. As in the past, we constantly look ahead to future needs and, intending to set the standards for fluorine compounds, we still set our sights on Future Standard products.

Morita Chemical Industries fluorine production begins with mineral fluorite.

Fluorite is rock containing fluorine. The mineral is dug from open pits and undergoes flotation and pulverizing before treatment with sulfuric acid, which yields calcium sulfate and hydrogen fluoride.

Various fluorine compounds can be made in reactions with hydrofluoric acid produced from fluorite. Expressing the fluorescent properties of fluorite, the Morita Chemical Industries image character Hotarun is named after the Japanese word for firefly.

Ore-grade fluorite is a rare resource, and most deposits are in China.

Fluorite with few impurities and high fluorine content is mainly mined in China. To secure a stable supply of raw materials and increase the efficiency of the production process, Morita Chemical Industries produces hydrofluoric acid in a joint venture in China and ships this to Japan for processing into fluorine compounds. At the same time, we have been building a logistics system that can rapidly respond to wider global deployment.