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Specialized producer of inorganic fluorine compounds
Morita Chemical Industries custom compound production

Based on technology and competence acquired during a century of working with inorganic fluorine compounds, we can meet requests to produce custom compounds in anything from small-scale gram-sized samples to serious industrial quantities.

  • Hydrofluoric acid (aqueous HF) is difficult to handle!

    • Normal glass vessels cannot be used.
    • Highly toxic, this reagent requires the utmost care.
  • We want to experiment with hydrogen fluoride (HF)!

    • Use of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride is possible.
    • Morita can offer full R&D consultation and advice.
  • When large amounts of fluorine compounds are used, the reagent cost is high!

    • It is economical to have work done at the site of production.
    • We can also deal with any request from laboratory level to mid-scale synthesis.
  • We want to find new fluorine compounds!

    • Morita can reproduce any synthesis method described in the literature.
    • Morita can also accept commissions to process only the fluorination step.

Analysis service based on a century of experience

1. Synthesis of any kind of inorganic fluorine compound

2. Treatment of materials with hydrofluoric acid

3. Examination of use of various fluorinating agents for fluorination

4. Joint development of novel fluorine compound materials

5. Testing materials for resistance to corrosion by hydrofluoric acid

Inquiries and further information about custom compound synthesis