Morita Chemical Industries Co.,Ltd.



Aiming for "Future Standards" of Fluorine materials

Key to new compounds, fluorine has boundless potential. Since launching the first commercial production of hydrofluoric acid in Japan, Morita Chemical Industries has contributed widely to modern industry. Always looking beyond the current era, constantly striving to create new products and develop new technologies, we aim to set the Future Standard for fluorine compounds.

"Fluorine" is a substance that holds the secrets to the breathtaking magic of emerging industries forging ahead in this generation.

Morita Chemical Industries has been working with fluorine compounds for a century. Always at the vanguard of fluorine chemistry, we have long-cultivated knowhow and strive every day to find new ways and means of using fluorine.

Scope of Our Business

Responding to Diversification and Development of Compounds

Petroleum & Organic Chemicals
  • Catalyzation of various reactions such as polymerization, acylation, condensation
  • Freon
  • Raw materials of organic fluorine such as fluorine resin
  • Herbicides

Striving to increase value and function

Ceramic Technology
  • <Glass related>
  • Glass surface treatment and light bulb frosting
  • Opacifier of glass
  • Coating of lenses
  • Raw materials of fluorine glass
  • <Ceramic related>
  • Supplementary raw materials of glazes
  • Colorant

Contributing to an aged society in the 21st century

Medical Science
  • Pharmaceutical related

Contributing to the development of recyclable energy

Atomic Industry & Energy
  • Raw materials of tetrafluoride and hexafluoride
  • Absorption materials of uranium hexafluoride and plutonium hexafluoride
  • Cell active material
  • Electric insulation quality

Aiming for extremely high purification and increased value

  • Elimination of silicon etchings and of silicon oxide film
  • Cleaning of semiconductor material/microfabrication
  • Pre-treatments for electrode plating of semiconductors and plating solution compositions
  • Plating of printed circuits and pre-treatments
  • Raw materials of optic cables

Supporting a wide variety of applications

Metal Allied Industry
  • <Surface Treatment>
  • Surface treatment of stainless steel and iron
  • Metals used in pharmaceutical products for cavities and additives
  • Plating solutions for electric plating and prior treatment agents
  • Fusion agents for fusion plating, and pre-treatment agents
  • Chemical milling agents of metals and additives
  • <Refinement and metallurgy>
  • Fusing agents for electrolysis refinement of nonferrous metals
  • <Flux for microwelding rods and brazing agents>