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Production Facilities

Producing Fluorine Compounds With High Added Value

Fluorine compounds for semiconductors

Electrical products built with various semiconductors brings diverse fields together, offering us comfortable and functional lifestyles.
The core construct of electronic products cannot be created without fluorine compounds for semiconductors.
While unseen, the fluorine compounds for semiconductors shipped from the Kanzakigawa plant support manufacturing of electrical products worldwide.

Various Kinds of Inorganic Fluoride

The functions offered by the unique properties of fluorine are used in a variety of applications supporting the comfort and functionality of our lifestyles.
Fluorine is used in diverse industries from products supporting lifestyles to cutting edge industries such as plating, pharmaceutical products, pesticides, petroleum resin catalysts, nuclear power generation, and glass and metal surface treatment.

Efficient Production Based on a Centralized Control System

Using anhydrous hydrofluoric acid as a raw material, our Sakai Plant manufactures various fluorine compounds. The plant annually imports 20,000 tonnes of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid ISO containers from our Chinese joint venture Zhe jiang Morita New Materials Co., Ltd. and, after rigorous quality control procedures, makes deliveries to various users.
We also deliver anhydrous hydrofluoric acid in desired concentrations both for the surface treatment of stainless steel and steel sheet, and as feedstock for making various fluorine compounds.
Supplying domestic and overseas users, mainly for digital camera applications, the Sakai plant also produces fluorine compounds for optical lenses, as well as aluminum brazing fluxes used for automotive parts.

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